Who we are

MSMEIndia.com is an innovative technology based solution that allows MSME and SME businesses, organizations and customers to connect and interact.

Vision & Mission

At MSMEIndia.com we endeavour to provide a comprehensive platform that caters to the needs of the MSME sector and opens doors to new opportunities by productively using technology solutions. We strive to do this by building bilateral communication bridges between MSME business owners, MSME organizations and MSME customers. Our belief is that innovative technology solutions provide better interaction and the ability to find new areas to grow and progress.

We aim to achieve this goal by providing our clients with the following features:

  • - Access to expert advice and helpful tips from industry leaders
  • - Platform to promote industry events such as exhibitions and conferences
  • - Updates and discussions on latest trends and industry practices
  • - Information and content on SME related topics
  • - Professional development themed content and interactive sessions
  • - Legal information and consulting, sample case studies and practical project reports
  • - Local and global advertisement tools and tender notices
  • - Latest information on both local and foreign government initiatives and schemes
  • - Support services from groups and individuals on technical, legal, workforce and a range of other industry issues