Assistant Director

Job Ref: DS-948
8-10 years
5-8 Lakhs
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Job Description

Responsible for assisting the director of a company or department with various initiatives and objectives.
Assist director and other managerial staff.
Provide training and guidance.
Delegate duties such as typing, copying, and scanning.
Hire, terminate, and train staff.
Create schedules.
Work with the Director to sustain and grow programs and service.
Manage administrative functions to ensure smooth and efficient operations of the organization.
Support the organization's strategic alliances and partnership.
Ensure performance goals are met and set.
Fulfill duties delegated by director.
Attend and preside over meetings.
Participate in strategic planning.
Represent the organization to the public, key stakeholders and business partner.
Plan and implement the annual calendar of activities including fundraising initiatives, special events and the official administrative acts.
Help create budgets and track expenditures.
Create presentations for meetings.

Additional Information:
Location: Bengaluru / Bangalore, Karnataka - India
Salary: 5-8 Lakhs
Desired Experience: 8-10 years
Desired Education: None Required
Function: Graduates & Internships
Role: Graduate Trainee
Keywords: Experienced
Job Reference No: DS-948
Sindhuja B, Assistant Director
P: 9988774556
Association Demo
Hyderabad / Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh - India

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