What we do?

MSMEIndia.com is an innovative technology based solution that allows SME businesses, organizations and customers to connect and interact.

  • MSMEIndia.com provides an online medium for SME trade and business. Our B2B platform allows buyers and sellers to confidently do business locally and globally with verified profiles and payment channels. This creates an active online community, allowing businesses to reach customers globally and seek out new opportunities along the way.

    In addition to providing companies with an online platform, MSMEIndia.com also helps build their brand image and social media presence. With the current market culture, having a reputable online existence is a fundamental necessity for any SME business.

    MSMEIndia.com works with SME companies behind the scenes as well by providing technical assistance, building partnerships, helping fundraising and supporting businesses in any other business aspect they need help with.

    Because we understand the SME sector so well, MSMEIndia.com can help companies find proper business channels and healthy clients around the globe. Whether your company needs a boost during the startup phase, assistance in fundraising or help with building a brand image, our services and platforms fulfill your needs and requirements from top to bottom.

Who Should Join?

Our platform is designed for all four major groups in the SME sector:

Why Join?

There are several great reasons for companies to join MSMEIndia.com

  • With industries around the world shifting to online services, MSMEIndia.com is the way forward and provides the SME sector with the correct tools and technologies for online business.
    MSMEIndia.com helps you increase your reach and impact around the world, enabling you to find new markets and grow your business.
    Our forums provide access to leading consultants and practically tested advice on making your business more productive.
    MSMEIndia.com's platform for Industry Associations is one of the only services of its kind which allows the organization to actively interact with its members and create a more connected business community.
    MSMEIndia.com is absolutely free to join and provides round the clock technical assistance for all members.